Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Flash Menu Labs v2.05.Professional Edition

Flash Menu Labs v2.05.Professional Edition free Download

Do you want to have Cool Flash menus with impressing visual effects, eye-catching animation and non-trivial structure on your web sites, but don't want to spend months coding ActionScript and tuning visual appearance?
With Flash Menu Labs you can get all these features and much more just for minutes!
There are lots of templates, motion presets and adjustable parameters.
Even non-professionals with zero Flash and ActionScript skills can successfully use it.

New and Improved Features:

* No Flash or programming skills required.
* 66 unique skins
* Over 30 stunning visual effects
* 5 different menu types
* Creating your own menu skins
* Customizing menu color palette
* Your own brand images and sounds
* Small file size
* User friendly interface
* Unlimited number of sublevels
* No manual XML editing needed
* Easy Start
* Customizable menu layouts
* No additional software