Monday, 12 January 2009

Adobe PhotoShop CS4 Portable

One of the most obvious changes in the new CS4 applications is the user interface, and this change will also be carried over into the next version of Adobe's Photoshop. This decision is described in detail by Adobe's John Nack. Nack describes how Adobe has been trying to make the interfaces on their apps more consistent and shows off a screenshot of the new Mac Photoshop "application frame". This application frame contains both user interface elements as well as documents themselves. Despite expressing his own initial resistance, Nack explains the advantages to the consolidated window:

- It facilitates N-up (2-up, 3-up, etc.) document layouts that adapt as you adjust the interface. Think "live window tiling"--great for comparing, compositing, etc.

- It makes it easier to move the entire application and its contents, including from one monitor to another.

- It prevents documents from getting obscured by panels (palettes).

- It blocks out the contents of the desktop, minimizing visual clutter.